Privacy Policy (policy on protection of personal information)

1. Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information
Curumaction (hereafter referred to as “Website”) will take necessary measures to protect personal information obtained through Website, abiding the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and following the policies below.
. (1) We will not utilize the personal information for the operation of the car auctions for unintended uses outside the scope of our services when handling personal information.
We will strive to protect personal information held by this site in compliance with internal regulations, such as laws concerning personal information and guidelines and other regulations imposed by the ibed by the country, and other rules.
. (2) Website will take necessary measures to protect personal information held by Website abiding the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other laws, guidelines, and other regulations imposed by the Japanese government, together with the social order.
. (3) Website shall assign a person responsible for the protection of personal information who will handle personal information, adequately manage those information, identify the risks of information leaks, losses and damages, and provide reasonable safety measures as well as corrective measures. Also, we will take necessary measures to keep accurate and up-to-date personal information held by Company within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
. ④ Website shall maintain appropriate management system while implementing internal structure and various provisions to protect personal information and operating these effectively. Also, we will continuously improve the management system of Website through the enhancement of administration environment, information technology trends, usability and such.
. (5) This site will establish the following department as a representative contact point for complains and such regarding personal information.
Date of enactment: December 1, 2014. Curumaction Co., Ltd. President: Mitsuhiro Nakagawa.
Contact point regarding “Basic Policy on Protection of Personal Information” and “Handling of Personal Information”: Document Management Department, Curumaction e-mail:
2. Handling of Personal Information
Website and our business group will promise that we will abide by the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other guidelines, and appropriately handle personal information following the contents below.
3. Purpose of Use
The personal information we hold shall be used for purposes outlined below in order to operate Website or provide services of Website run by Company, by our business group or Partner Contractors who received personal information from our business group through a method using electronic mails, telephones or other communication means.
. (1) To use Services or notify admission
. (2) Related to the prior item, to confirm the contents inputted by users
. (3) To notify the quotes to receive assistance and such related to using Services
. (4) Verification of usage status after registering with Services for a certain period
. (5) Survey regarding the use of the Services
. (6) Notification, sent upon delegation from Partner Contractors, regarding services provided by Partner Contractors
. (7) In addition to what is listed in the preceding six items, other contacts regarding Services

4. Services
“Services” refers to the services provided by Website outlined below.
. (1) Operation of individual car dealing auction website “Curumaction” and provision of related contents
. (2) Exhibition and winning of vehicles as well as various support of users and such
. (3) Provision of various optional services and such requested by users
. (4) Ordering and managing of services to Partner Contractors such as vehicle transportation and changing of ownership registration related to the winning bid
. (5) Ordering and managing of assignments to Partner Contractors related to various optional services
. (6) In addition to what is listed in the preceding five items, services related to the operation of Website in any way
5. Cooperative Use
. (1) The personal information of users and such will be cooperatively used by business group of our company within the scope of this policy.
. (2) Our company shall be responsible to manage the cooperative use of the personal information of users and such.
6. Disclosure to Third Parties
The personal information obtained from users and such shall be appropriately managed, and shall not be disclosed to third parties without prior consent.
The personal information obtained are matters related to sales, purchase, repair, maintenance and such of the vehicle, including name, address, telephone number and vehicle information. In order to provide Services to users and such, we will provide to Partner Contractors, who has agreed to the contract outlining how to handle personal information, the personal information of users and such through methods of e-mail, phone call and server access.
However, in cases which any of the items below apply, we shall not require consent from users and such.
. When the disclosure is following the law or based on directives from a government body or local public agency such as the police or judiciary.
. When it is required to protect a life, safety or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent from that person.
7. Entrustment of Personal Information
There are cases that we will entrust the storage of the personal information obtained from Website to a server management provider who has agreed to terms regarding personal information.
8. Procedures to Disclose, Correct, etc. Personal Information
. (1) Users and such are able to request the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion and suspension of use by our company or by third parties of their personal information.
. (2) We will proceed with the suspension of the personal information upon the request from users and such, when we confirm that the request is made from the relevant individual (we will set forth with the procedure without verification, provided that, however, the law allows to do so).
Regarding the procedures, please make an inquiry to the “Document Management Department” outlined in article 1 of this policy.
9. Optionality of Personal Information and its Consequences
When a user and such chooses not to input the personal information requested by Website in order to use its services, the user may only be able to limitedly use Services, unable to receive full response when making an inquiry, or experience other inconveniences.
10. Recognition Through Cookies
Website and Services uses a technology called Cookies to provide convenient functions for users and such and realize an even better website experience. This technology allows to differentiate/recognize the devices accessing Website, and is not for obtaining personal information. Users and such is able to inactivate the use of Cookies on their internet browser at their own discretion, however, Website may not be able to fully function.
11. Security
The information of users and such registered here shall be protected by password for privacy and security reasons. Website will use SSL encryption when it is required to protect data transmission. The communication of personal information submitted by user and such will be encrypted by this SSL encryption, so outside third parties are unable to read the personal information of users and such. The user ID and password of users and such are there to differentiate the users and such, and they are very important data. In order to prevent unauthorized access, we recommend users and such to close their internet browser when they finish using their computer.
12. Contact to Users and Such
Curumaction Co., Ltd. or Partner Contractors may contact users and such to respond to inquiries, send newsletters, etc.
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